Buddha Sculpture Embodies With Koi Fish And Water Lily 3D Painting - High Quality Epoxy Resin Lamp

$250.00 USD

A serene Buddha statue, vibrant kois fish, and delicate water lily harmoniously coexist in this captivating piece. The intricately sculpted Buddha radiates tranquility, while the lifelike 3D painted koi fish symbolize strength and good fortune. Floating gracefully, the water lily adds a touch of elegance. With a mesmerizing depth and glossy finish, this sculpture embodies spiritual harmony and serves as a reminder to seek inner peace. Perfect for any space, it invites contemplation and appreciation for the interconnectedness of nature. Expertly crafted, this fusion of resin epoxy and artistry captures the essence of beauty and spirituality..


  • Size: 11x6x2 inches (0.5inch error)
  • Purely handmade, there will be errors in shape and size.
  • Wattage: 1-2W LED Colorful
  • Wired/Wireless: USB Wired
  • Remote control: NO
  • Adapter: NO
  • Material: Wood, Epoxy Resin, Polymer Clay.
  • Crafted handmade 100% by Artisans.
  • Good for people, good for the planet.

⚠ Please note:

Please note that the shades and colors displayed on your screen may differ from the originals due to variations in screen settings.

Each piece of art is meticulously handmade, and as a result, any subsequent copy may not be 100% identical to the photo shown or the original. Additionally, the size of each piece may vary.

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