Eternal Dried Flower Lamps, Epoxy Resin Nigh Light 04

$135.00 USD

Eternal Dried Flower Epoxy Resin Lamps - Timeless Gifts for Her and Memorable Occasions

Materials: Wood, Resin, Dried Flower
Width: 5.1 inches
Height: 7.5 inches
Depth: 1.5 inches

Illuminate your living space with the natural splendor of our Pressed Wild Flowers Garden Wood Resin Lamp. This exceptional piece captures the essence of a serene garden, showcasing an array of pressed wildflowers artfully embedded in resin. Mounted on a sturdy wooden base, this lamp is a tribute to the beauty of the outdoors, brought indoors.

Please note that all flowers in this collection are real flowers, and the lamp is made to order. Therefore, each lamp will be different and UNIQUE! It will be the same style, but not exactly 100%.

- Your flower resin lamp
- Charging port: USB (can use phone charger or USB port of laptop or PC)

- Handcrafted with care, featuring real pressed wildflowers in resin
- Durable and stylish wooden base for stable display
- Creates a soft, ambient light ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere
- Energy-efficient LED lighting element included
- Operates with an easy-to-use switch
- Adds a distinctive botanical touch to any room
- Eco-friendly and sustainably made
- Packaged securely for safe delivery and ready to illuminate your space

- Processing time: The processing time varies for each item. Usually it takes about 5-7 days to finish the production.

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